Synchronicity Saved The Cat


Synchronicity Saved The Cat
 as part of the fifth Sound Development City publication documenting the 2016 Artist Expedition to Madrid and Casablanca which took place with a group of twelve international artists in September 2016.

The participants’ projects and the expedition itself are documented in this publication, based on content collected and produced during the journey, such as texts, images, songs, film stills, environmental data or radio interviews.

The expedition was accompanied by writer Uwe Lützen, who observed and reflected on the on-going processes. He processed his texts into the three-part piece “The Journey That Was”. Additionally, our radio editor Andreas Oskar Hirsch contributed a travelogue titled “Synchronicity Saved the Cat”. The book was designed by Hubertus Design.

The artist PDF’s are available here:

The book can be ordered for CHF 29.- / Ex. by writing to

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