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reihe M @ Loft, Köln
Jeugdbrand / Andreas O. Hirsch
THU 14 December 2023 at 8:30 pm
LOFT, Wissmannstr. 30, 50823 Köln



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The Castle – Greetings from the kitchen
@ Radiophrenia 2023

FRI, 01 September 20223, 11:20 pm GMT /// SAT 02 September 2023 00:20 am (CET)


With Ursula Döbereiner (no input system), Andreas O. Hirsch (electrified palm leaf & morse key), Patricia Koellges (tashigoto, electric bass & voice), Gaël Moissonnier (modular synths & various electronics), Thomas Rehnert (doepfer modular synths & percussion).

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Klangkunst / Apero
Christian Faubel, Ralf Schreiber, Karen Geyer, Andreas Oskar Hirsch

SAT 03 December 2022  at 7:30 pm
O-Tone Studios, Gallusstrasse 4, 8006 Zürichgrey dots

Andreas Oskar Hirsch: Minimal Sauvage @ Kaiser Wilhelm Museum
Concert & Screening, THU 01 December 2022 from  5 – 9 pm

On Air. Der Klang des Materials in der Kunst der 1950er bis 1970er Jahre
Kaiser Wilhelm Museum Krefeld

Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Joseph-Beuys-Platz 1, 47798 Krefeldgrey dots

The Sonic Chair will be part of this year’s Meakusma Festival.
Curated by Georg Dietzler with a whole variety of sound pieces including ROW OUT by Andreas O. Hirsch.

1 – 4 September 2022
Meakusma Festival, Eupen / Belgium

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FUNKT sessions 2022 No 1
22 February 2022  from 4 – 6 pm @ https://674.fm

Moderation: Georg Dietzler & Dietmar Bonnen 
Studio guest: Andreas Oskar Hirsch

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Großes Kino, kleines Kino #47 
Arsenal, Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., Berlin 14 November 2021
Summe 1 as part of the program

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Poly Palms

Electrified Palm Leaf Ensemble

With Volker Hennes, Patricia Koellges, Jan Arlt, Andreas O. Hirsch

Thursday 21 October 2021, Alte Feuerwache Köln, 8 pm
Saturday 30 October 2021, Künstlerverein Walkmühle, Wiesbaden, 8 pm

With many thanks to the Cologne Cultural Office and Kunststiftung NRW for their support.

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Andreas O. Hirsch live, Friday 15 October 2021 at 7 pm as part of the opening
15 October – 14 November 2021
Fotoraum Koeln

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Andreas O. Hirsch – Grus Grus Remote
Live concert as part of Vogelklang in St. Georgen (stream)

Saturday 1
May 2021 at 6 pm

and the same day at 2 pm
Singvogeldichte & Morsecodegefichte
Radio play by Volker Hennes & Andreas O. Hirsch

Live stream via the Global Forest channel on Youtube

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Poly Palms: Windows wide open 35°C
@ sound art radio program FUNKT, 16 – 18 April 2021

Poly Palms is an ensemble founded by Andreas O. Hirsch. In 2020 he invited his fellow musicians and performers Jan Arlt, Patricia Koellges and Volker Hennes to get acquainted with an electro-acoustic instrument which he developed years ago from a discovery made during a trip through southern Morocco: Dried palm leaves have the potential to be naturally grown Kalimbas because their spikes can be plugged and amplified. After extensive use of this instrument in the course of solo performances, Hirsch constructed new instruments for his colleagues. In August 2020 the four musicians, struggling with the intense summer heat, started to rehearse. Here comes a newly remixed compilation of some extracts of those sessions.


With many thanks to the Cologne Cultural Office and Kunststiftung NRW for supporting the founding of POLY PALMS.


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Sonic Chair sc01 – No I – IV
7  – 27 February 2021 at IKOB in Eupen c/o Meakusma

After having been presented in Cologne, Münster and Dortmund, the SONIC CHAIR and its sound pieces start traveling again – first to the IKOB museum in Eupen, Belgium. Conceived, developed & curated by Georg Dietzler. 


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Kashual Plastik 010
Respect the unexpected – in the age of sci-fi
12“ vinyl + cd compilation

Released 9 September 2020

Soundtrack homage to the 80’s science fiction b-movie scene,
composed by contemporary artists. The Compilation includes 12 artists and 19 tracks on vinyl and cd. The Sleeves are DIY screen printed and the jacket is built out of wire fence.


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Peter Behrendsen: 10 x 15 = 30
12″ vinyl, Edition Telemark, catalog no. 923.02

With Peter Behrendsen (electronics), Dietmar Bonnen (prepared piano, glockenspiel), Andreas O. Hirsch (carbophone), hans w. koch (axoloti, blippoo box) and Lucia Mense (recorders).


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Was Sie immer schon über Katzen wissen wollten und Ihren Androiden nie zu fragen wagten
Live with texts by Thorsten Krämer – music by The Algorithmics (Alisa Berger, Taka Kagitomi and Andreas O. Hirsch)

as part of Wuppertaler Literatur Biennale 5. – 8. November 2020, 6 November 2020

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Installation & Sound Performance
by Ralf Schreiber, Christian Faubel, Andreas O. Hirsch

20 August 2020, NeuLand Köln, Koblenzer Str. 73, 50968 Köln

Supported by ON

photo: AOH

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canceled due to Covid-19
The Knob, The Finger & The It @ Macroscope, FRI 27 March 2020
Was Sie immer schon über Katzen wissen wollten und Ihren Androiden nie zu fragen wagten, Thorsten Krämer & die Algorithmics
SAT 23 May 2020, Loch, Wuppertal

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Dublab Future Roots Night
SAT 21 December 2019

Andreas O. Hirsch live at 9 pm + dublab DJ’s Dusty
Joscha Creutzfeldt, Gunni, Moritz M

Acephale, Luxemburger Str. 46, Köln

photo: Nik Kern

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WORM, Rotterdam, SAT 14 December 2019

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Shiny Toys Festival
Mülheim an der Ruhr
FRI 29 November 2019

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10 Jahre Jagla Ausstellungsraum
Kunsträume der Michael Horbach Stiftung, Köln
FRI 29 November – SUN 1 December 2019

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Raummusik und so – Ambient Formula
SUN 20 October 2019, 4 – 8 pm
Kunsthaus Rhenania
Bayenstr. 28, 50678 Köln

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Early Carbophonics et une Colonne

Scoli Acosta & Andreas O. Hirsch
invited by Nicolas Rabant

Concert & Sculpture
FRI 27 September 2019 @ 7pm
28, rue Amiral Nicol, Brest / FR 

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The Knob, The Finger & The It
live at Meakusma Festival, Eupen
SAT 7 September 2019

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Flick the World, Rote Fabrik / Dock 18, Zürich
SAT 31 August – SUN 1 September 2019 

Concert with Oliver Jäggi, Urban Bieri,
Kent Clelland, Andreas O. Hirsch
SAT 31 August 2019

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NRW klingt:
Musikinstrumente und ihre Macher

Von Olaf Karnik und Volker Zander
@ WDR 5 Scala, TUE 27 August 2019
Podcast here

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Radiophrenia Glasgow Playlist 1
SAT 24 August 2019 6 – 9 pm
Ebertplatz, Köln

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SAT 3 August 2019 live at
Karlsruher Museumsnacht
Badischer Kunstverein, 10 pm

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FRI 28 June 2019 at 7 pm
Concert at RTHC Bootshaus,
Köln Stammheim

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Early Carbophonics
live at Botschaft Transit

FRI 14 June 2019
St. Guido-Stifts-Platz, Speyer
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Concert & Artist Talk
WED 5 June 2019, 8 pm, as part of the exhibition Meine Zeichen
Künstlerverein Walkmühle
, Wiesbaden

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Meine Zeichen

Solo exhibition at Künstlerverein Walkmühle, Wiesbaden

31 May – 23 June 2019

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SUN 5 May 2019 at 9:45 pm, 10. Berliner Hörspielfestival
Singvogeldichte & Morsecodegefichte – radio play with Volker Hennes
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SUN 14 April 2019 live at Arkaoda, Berlin

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Sprout Session / live at dublab.de

THU 28 March 2019, 5 – 6 pm

grey dotsVROOOM # 69
live at Pink Pank in Rotterdam
with Ryosuke Kiyasu, Andreas O. Hirsch, Koolwijk & GJ Prins
SAT 23 March 2019, 9 pm
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Wenn Künstler ihre Instrumente selbst bauen

A feature by Leonie Reineke
Deutschlandfunk, 16 February 2019, 10::05 pm

photo by Leonie Reineke (Carbophon @ mex, Dortmund)

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ALTE TALENTE | Poesie und Chaos · Ein audio-visuelles Konzert für Peter Behrendsen
with Peter Behrendsen, Dietmar Bonnen, Andreas Oskar Hirsch, hans w koch, Lucia Mense

LOFT, Cologne
Sunday 3 February 2019 at 7 pm
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Containerklang #10: as / if
Matthias Muche & Andreas O. Hirsch: MoonBounce – EME

Sunday 16 December 2018 at 7pm


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out on makiphon 7 December 2018
Andreas Oskar Hirsch: Early Carbophonics
10 inch Vinyl

Release evening at Kyotobar
Friday 7 December 2018, concert starting at 8pm
+ DJ Set by dUO (Tamara Lorenz & Patricia Koellges)
Kyotobar, Gereonswall 75, 50670 Köln

more info on www.makiphon.de
Soundcloud Preview
Order via Bandcamp
Out Of Office / Video
Balfolk / Video
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Carbon Chimes & Shadow Sheets
Ralf Schreiber & Andreas O. Hirsch

WED 12 September 2018
Künstlerverein Walkmühle, Wiesbaden
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Deep In the Woods

SAT 8 September 2018
Massembre, Belgium

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Hirsch & Eigner

SAT 1 September 2018
Les Digitales, Luzern

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Hirsch & Eigner

FRI 31 August 2018
UMBO, Zürich


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The Knob The Finger & The It & dUO

live at Extrapool / Cellulose Congres
Saturday 21 April 2018 at 9:00 pm

Extrapool (Nijmegen, NL) 

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soundwaves / Klangstücke für einen Sonic Chair

5 January – 4 February 2018

cuba cultur
/ Foyer
Achtermannstraße 12 | 48143 Münster
MO – FR from 10 am – 9 pm

With sound pieces by Miki Yui, Achim Mohné, Janneke van der Putten & Chrs Galarreta, Andreas Oskar Hirsch.

Curated by Georg Dietzler / gerngesehen

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