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makiphon 006
Andreas O. Hirsch: Early Carbophonics
10 inch Vinyl + digital distribution

Available via


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Public Folder #3 / Golden Record
Art book edited by John Harten
24 x 20 cm, 344 pages

With contributions by 120 artists and essays by Jörg Sasse, Holger Otten, Claus Pias and John Harten. 

Available via:
Public Folder & Revolver Publishing 2017 
ISBN 978-3-95763-395-8

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The Knob, The Finger & The It
Astro Camping
12″ vinyl

Available via a-musik, makiphon or bandcamp


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The Sound Development City – Artist Expedition 2016 Documentation

With contributions by Dan Allon, Vincent Charlebois, Bernadette La Hengst, Sasha Kurmaz, Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Luka & Jela, Brent Meistre, Agnieszka Pędziwiatr & Rafał Pierzyński, Youmna Saba, Chris Wood.

An essay by Uwe Lützen, who accompanied the journey as expedition writer, and a travel report by our radio host Andreas Oskar Hirsch complement the artist presentations and put them into a broader thematic and geographical context. The documentation also features an image section, and an inventory of things we brought back from the expedition.

 The book was designed by Hubertus Design, Zurich.

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Hirsch & Eigner – Stalker / Swoop
7″ vinyl & digital 

Here’s what -OUS records say: »Stalker/Swoop is a magnificent collaboration between German »DIY-Instruments« artist Andreas Oskar Hirsch and Austrian percussion and field recording perfectionist Richard Eigner from Ritornell.«

Available via Bandcamp or Kudos.
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makiphon 003
Andreas O. Hirsch: ROW
12 inch LP | 180g Vinyl | b/w Inlay

Released by makiphon, February 2017
Available through makiphon or a-musik


grey dotsBroschuere_The_Details

The Details Made Me Do It

Kunstverein Leverkusen, 2016
8 pages, 29,7 x 21 cm, color

With a text by Susanne Wedewer-Pampus

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makiphon 002
Andreas O. Hirsch: Summe 1
12″ Vinyl

Released by makiphon, May 2015
Available through makiphon or a-musik


grey dotsSDC_Expedition_Publication

Sound Development City
Artist Expedition 2014 / Riga – Helsinki

238 pages, color / black & white 

Realized by Sound Development City / Heller Enterprises
Designed by Hubertus Design
Available through Sound Development City

Read more here
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Noise of Cologne 2

Noise of Cologne,
Andreas Wagner, Titanoboa, Nils Quak, Anthony Moore, Natalie Bewernitz / Marek Goldowski, Echo Ho, Merzouga, Gregor Schwellenbach, Volker Zander, Lu Katavist, Achim Mohné, Harald Sack Ziegler, Bettina Wenzel, TreeSpeedMusic / Andreas Oskar Hirsch, Therapeutische Hörgruppe, Hannes Hoelzl

Published by Mark e.V.
Distributed by a-Musik
Mastered by Sven Hahne
Produced & Compiled by Frank Dommert & hans w. koch
noiseofcologne.blogspot.degrey dots


Ausgabe 7 / Edition 7, 1/2013

Interviews mit / with
Katerina Kuznetcowa und Alexander Edisherov, Johannes Wohnseifer,
Gesine Grundmann, Maximilian Erbacher, Diane Müller, Dorothee Joachim,
Manfred Schneckenburger, Carola Keitel, Andreas Oskar Hirsch, Allan Gretzki

Herausgeber & Redaktion / Edited by — Stefanie Klingemann  &  Dr. Anne Schloen
Grafik / Graphic Design — Thomas Weyres
Künstlerporträts / Artist Portraits — Veit Landwehrgrey dots

Solar Sound Ensemble - Booklet

Solar Sound Ensemble
DVD & Booklet, 28 pages, 2012

On December 14th 2012 we released our DVD Solar Sound Ensemble at the CBK Drenthe in Assen, NL. Solar Sound Ensemble presented a site-specific audiovisual performance on location of the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope in the province of Drenthe/ NL in July 2011. Crucial elements of the performance are the sonification of data recorded with the telescope as well as a video projection onto the grid of the telescope dish. The publication contains a full video documentation of the performance along with information about its background as well as an interview with the artists.

Tobias Grewenig – Visualisation / Andreas Oskar Hirsch – Electric Palm Leaf / 
Hannes Hoelzl – Star Data Sonification / Matthias Muche – Trombone / Julia Scher – Vocals

A cooperation between Stichting OEROL, ASTRON and CAMRAS. Commissioned by CBK Drenthe, art in public space, Monica Boekholt. Initiated & coordinated by Monica Boekholt & Andreas O. Hirsch.

A video excerpt & a full audio version here
Full video version in 5 parts on Vimeo

DVD & Booklet available through A-Musik

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Hirsch - Mrueher Feute Horgen

Mrüher Feute Horgen
Zeichnungen & Text (dt.), 10,5 x 17 cm, Softcover mit Prägung,
Fadenbindung, 64 Seiten s/w
Drawings & text (german), 10,5 x 17 cm, softcover with embossment,
stitch binding, 64 pages b&w

Lim & Asmuth Publishers, Köln 2011, ISBN 978-3-941765-35-1
Auflage 500 / Edition of 500  grey dots

Hirsch - Photogramphotographs


25 x 20 cm, Softcover, Klebebindung, 72 Seiten Farbe
25 x 20 cm, softcover, glue binding, 72 pages colour
Köln, 2010, Auflage 100 / Edition of 100

Abbgebildete Arbeiten hier & hier
Some of the depicted works here & here
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Hirsch - Psycho Flora A-Y

Psycho Flora A – Y

15 x 10 cm, 24 Seiten, Klammerheftung, Text (dt.)
15 x 10 cm, 24 pages, staple binding, Text (german)
1. Auflage 30 / 1. Edition 30  

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Hirsch - China Triplet


Fotografien, Zeichnungen & Text (dt. / engl.), Hardcover mit Prägung, Fadenbindung, 64 Seiten Farbe & s/w, 17 x 21 cm, mit einem Vorwort von Andreas O. Hirsch, einem Text von Volker Pantenburg und einem Gespräch zwischen Andreas O. Hirsch & Echo Ho

Photographs, drawings & text (german / english), hardcover with embossment, stitch binding, 64 pages colour / b&w, 17 x 21 cm, preface by Andreas O. Hirsch, with a text by Volker Pantenburg and a conversation between Andreas O. Hirsch & Echo Ho

Darling Publications 2008,
ISBN 978-3-939130-85-7
Auflage 500 / Edition of 500

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Hirsch - Le vehicule de la croisiere interieure


Le véhicule de la croisière intérieure
101 Aphorismen über den Liegestuhl (französisch)
15 x 10,5 cm, von Hand geschrieben & gebunden, 101 Seiten

101 aphorisms about the lounge chair (french)
15 x 10,5 cm, handwritten & hand bound , 101 pages
Auflage 10 / Edition of 10
Marseille 2002


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Hirsch - meine zeichen


meine zeichen
Anektdoten, Aphorismen & Gedanken (deutsch)

15,5 x 11 cm, Softcover, geheftet, 64 Seiten s/w
Anecdotes, aphorisms & various thoughts (german)
15,5 x 11 cm softcover, staple binding,  64 pages b&w
Nicht limitierte, handgefertigte Auflage

Unlimited handmade edition
Köln 2001

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Hirsch - Oskar Baumgeschwindigkeit

Oskar Baumgeschwindigkeit

CD-R, 1999

10 tracks
Handgemachtes Cover / Handmade cover

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